Sewage Pumps

Sewage Pump Repair

Sewage Pump Repairs

Probably the second most common repair service call we get, after a clogged sewer line, is a sewage pump repair. In the Lakes region there are many waterfront properties where septic systems must be installed 2-4 feet above high water tables. Sewage pumps are a very common and necessary part of an effluent septic system. Sewage pumps are a specialized piece of equipment, designed to handle effluent and solid waste. They need periodic repairs and or replacement.

If adequate cleaning (maintenance) is not done on septic tanks solids are allowed to build up and pass into the pump chamber which could overload the pump and also allow sludge into leach field. This situation causes untimely repairs to pumps and leach fields.

Often time’s periodic maintenance of pump chambers will help prevent sewage pump repairs, keep float switches operating properly and not allow too much sludge to build up in pump chamber.

There are many different types of sewage pumps. Some are for the single family homes and others are designed for multi-family homes and commercial use. Some pumps are designed to pump effluent and some designed to pump solid waste or grinder type pumps. It is important to hire a company that has the knowledge in this field to make sure the applicable pump is installed.

Here at DJ’s Septic we have over 30 years of experience with sewage pumps and repairs. This ranges from light duty homeowner pumps to heavy duty commercial pumps. We have parts on hand and replacement pumps readily available in the event of a pump failure. We can repair your sewage pump if it can be repaired or replace it if necessary.

Keeping your septic system running smoothly is our number one job. If you are not a DJ’s Septic pumping customer, call us today. You will be glad you did!