Septic Repairs

Septic Repairs

Septic System Repairs

Your septic system, as an extension of your home’s plumbing, is really a very simple system. Other than a sewage pump, there are no moving parts and the principle of cleaning household waste before returning it to the ground is mostly an organic process.

If you are careful not to overload your septic system with solids or excessive soapy water, and you have your septic tank pumped regularly, your septic system should last you a long time.

Occasionally, repairs are needed to keep this home-based waste treatment plant running smoothly. Don’t assume the worst! A septic repair is not necessarily a failing leach field. There may be blockages in specific areas, or some malfunction in a localized area that can be remedied through a septic system repair.

Not all septic repairs are emergencies. If caught soon enough, there are some upgrades to your septic system that can improve the function of your system as a whole, and prevent a leach field failure. Vent pipes, risers, sewage pumps and filters are some examples of proactive repairs that can extend the life of the septic system.

Sewage pumps are a common septic system repair in the New Hampshire Lakes region. Because many homes are near water level here, the leaching fields must be raised – often at a higher elevation than the septic tank. This means sewage pumps are required to pump the effluent up to the disbursement field. DJ’s Septic regularly services, repairs, or replaces many different types of sewage pumps.

If you suspect you have a septic emergency, stop running all water to the tank, and call our Wolfeboro office immediately. We will dispatch a technician right away to investigate the cause of the failure.

It’s possible you don’t know anything about your septic system. Most people don’t. At DJ’s Septic, we love to teach our customers about their septic system. Taking a proactive step by having our septic service techs inspect your system can help you plan ahead for repairs you may have in the near future. Call today and schedule us to come pump out your tank. While we are there, we will take the time to teach you about your septic system.