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Septic Maintenance ScheduleIn the Lakes region of New Hampshire, septic maintenance services are not a one-size-fits-all program. Pumping requirements can vary greatly, as there is a diverse population of seasonal residents and year-round homeowners plus many sizes. Lakefront real estate has a high water table, above the septic tank and requires servicing of filters and pumps as well. Simply knowing how many bedrooms a home has is not an accurate way to determine a septic pumping schedule.

Our philosophy is this: by knowing our customers personally, we are able to determine the best septic pumping schedule for their individual septic needs. When we get a call to pump out a septic tank for a new customer, we make it a point to talk with them. We spend a little extra time with new customers to become familiar with their system, and teach them about the various components that may require additional maintenance.

After determining the size of the tank, we want to know how many people live in the house and how often they’re there so we can recommend a proper time to schedule the second pumping. We will usually schedule the second pumping conservatively, so as not to let the tank fill beyond safe levels. We may find that, after the second pumping, the third pumping can be scheduled further out.

Every time we come to pump out your septic tank, we also service the filters.When a septic system has an elevated leaching field, there is a pump that pushes the effluent up to where it can be dispersed. If this pump fails, septic systems can back up quickly into the house. Keeping these operational is part of our septic maintenance service program.

We also inspect the baffles of your septic tank. These baffles keep solids from entering the disbursement area of the leach field. If they are cracked or deteriorated, they should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to your leach field. It is a large and expensive job to replace a leach field!

We keep thorough and accurate records of your maintenance schedule. Many of our customers have been with us for decades! We always call our scheduled maintenance customers in advance before coming to pump and inspect their septic tank.

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