Commercial Septic Pumping

Commercial Septic Pumping

Commercial Septic Pumping Services

With such a wide variety of commercial businesses in the Lake Winnipesaukee region, a septic pumping company has to be prepared for anything. From the first day we started DJ’s Septic Pumping Service, we have anticipated the septic needs of both residential and commercial clients. We were one of the first septic services in our area to invest in a 5000 gallon pumper truck. This gives us the ability to pump large quantities from a considerable distance away – in some cases more than 50 miles away. Having three pumping trucks on the road also gives us the flexibility to respond to emergency calls quickly, while still managing our scheduled clients.

Besides the distance and capacity to pump a large volume in one visit, another challenge to being a commercial septic pumping company in the Lakes region is the seasonal nature of this area. The population doubles between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Commercial businesses have to be aware of the capacity of their septic tanks and the potential of overloading their tank. Businesses that rely on the summer tourist trade cannot afford one day of downtime!

At DJ’s Septic, we make it a point to understand the needs of your business and familiarize ourselves with your septic system, so that we can design a pumping and septic maintenance schedule that prevents septic emergencies at an inopportune time. We can coordinate a time to pump that does not interfere with your business hours. Should something unfortunate happen, such as a clogged sewer line or crushed pipe, our emergency septic repair services are available. We will diagnose the problem and fix it as quickly as possible, so you don’t lose a day of business.

With over 30 years in the septic services business, we are familiar with all aspects of maintaining and repairing sewage pumps. Commercial septic pumps can be complex, depending on their use. Many septic systems in high water table areas require sewage pumps to push the sewage up to an elevated leach field. If sewage pumps fail, a septic backs up quickly. Restaurants will often have a grinder pump to process solids that end up down the drain. With DJ’s septic as your septic pumping company, you will know that your pumps are in good working order, because it’s all part of the job when we pump out your tank.