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Your septic tank is probably not something you think about everyday. Maybe you prefer not to think about it at all! But, like all the other components of your home – plumbing, heating, roof and chimney – septic systems also have a lifespan. It is important to perform routine maintenance, and check them for wear so that you get the most use out of it for as long as you can.

At DJ’s Septic, our registered name is “DJ’s Septic Pumping Services, Inc.,” because the majority of what we do throughout the Lake Winnipesaukee area is septic tank pumping. We do not install septic systems. We want to keep them as healthy as possible – for as long as possible – for our customers. The most critical part of keeping a septic system clean is proper use and pumping out the tank on a regular basis.

“How does a septic tank work?” The septic tank is the first step in processing the waste that comes out of your home. Its design is very simple – an inlet pipe, baffles, and an outlet pipe that flows to the leaching field. The primary job of a septic tank is to keep solids from entering the leaching field and clogging it. The septic tank is essentially a “pre-filter.”

As your household waste enters the tank, it is separated into solids and liquids. Anaerobic bacteria present in the tank begins to work, causing the lighter solids (such as toilet paper and grease) to float on top, while the heavier solids settle to the bottom. The liquids, called “effluent” take up the middle section of the tank.

Unfortunately only about 40% of what enters the septic tank can be digested by the bacteria. As the scum layer on top, and sediment layer on the bottom accumulate, there is an increasing risk of solids entering the leaching field.

The solids must be pumped out of the tank periodically to keep the leaching field from filling with sediment and clogging.

“How often should I have my septic tank pumped?” This is the question we are asked most often. While every situation is different, a professional septic pumping service knows that the solids in the tank should not exceed 25% of total volume. Setting the proper pumping schedule is a combination of careful observance and knowing the customer’s habits. We tell our customers, “if you use a ‘mitten’ of toilet paper every time you go to the bathroom, we’ll be seeing you more often!”

At DJ’s Septic Pumping Services, we pride ourselves on developing accurate septic maintenance schedules for our customers. When we come to pump out your tank, we also inspect the condition of the tank. We check the baffles to make sure that no solids are getting past. We clean filters; if your system is so equipped. We take note if surface water is washing into the tank, which can overflow the system and deposit dirt into the tank. If we see a problem, we notify you immediately and make recommendations to correct it. This proactive approach to septic tank maintenance can extend the life of your septic system.

“How much do I need to know about my septic tank?”

Only what you want to know – and, that when DJ’s is your septic pumping service, your septic system is in good hands!