Is my septic tank failing?Septic Inspection / Troubleshooting

You are out cutting the grass one day and you notice the soil is wet over the leaching field You notice an unusual odor in the area where your septic tank is. The drains in your house are making a strange gurgling sound. Who do you call? A plumber? A drain clearing service? It would be a good idea to cut out the middleman, and call a septic inspection service first.

Troubleshooting a septic problem requires a knowledge of the system from the vent pipes in the house to the sand in the disbursement field. A plumber will inspect the venting, check for clogged drains, and send you a bill. A sewer drain service may inspect and clean out the inlet pipe from the house to the tank, but they may not be familiar with anything beyond that point. Even if they are inclined to check the septic tank for problems, it would have to be pumped out first. They will refer you to a septic service.

If your septic system is backing up, it could be a number of issues. Improper venting on the house end, or on the leach field end. There might be a clogged distribution box or crushed pipe buried under the lawn. It could be an issue with the septic tank itself, a cracked baffle or a clogged outlet pipe. Or, it’s possible a sewage pump stopped working or has a clogged filter.

Don’t assume that your septic has failed and you need to replace it! DJs septic specializes in septic inspections and troubleshooting septic systems that are not working properly. Don’t assume that your septic has failed and you need to replace it! Call the professionals at DJ’s Septic. We will send our technician to identify what the problem is, and recommend the right course of action to fix it.

At DJs septic services, we do not install septic systems, so we have no vested interest in failing yours! Every time we go to an emergency septic inspection, we are hoping (as our customers are) to find a simple solution to the problem.