Septic Inspections

NH Septic InspectionProfessional Septic Inspections

When it comes to septic systems, the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is very true. Our customers know that frugal New Hampshire side of us. As a septic service, we would rather see our customers get the most our of their septic system than to replace it before it is time.

Preventative maintenance is the first type of septic inspection. Having a professional septic pumping service is like having a good doctor and regular check ups. If something does go wrong you want to catch it quickly. Rather than just showing up to pump out your tank we also back flush to stir up sediments on the bottom, check baffles, check flow from the house if someone is home and a quick overview of leach field.

The second type of septic inspection is when you have a problem. Troubleshooting septic issues requires an in-depth knowledge of many different aspects of an on-site waste treatment system. All of our employees are trained and very knowledgeable in what is a properly functioning system. We have the knowledge to locate a problem and what to do to fix it. If we see a problem the home owner is made aware of it.

Real estate inspections are the third type of septic inspection. In the state of New Hampshire, there is no legal requirement to have a septic system pass as a condition of selling a home. It is up to the due diligence of the home buyer to ensure that the septic system is in good working order. Jason of JB & Son is the person we use for real estate transactions. Jason is our son and has worked in the septic service trade for numerous years. He has a wealth of knowledge and provides a thorough septic inspection and can locate a problem and knows how to handle it.

We hope that in finding this page you are simply looking for someone to take good care of your septic system and provide you with a thorough routine inspection which is part of our preventative maintenance program.