Portable Toilets


If you have ever used a portable toilet that wasn’t serviced properly, it’s an experience you don’t easily forget!

Portable toilet rental services

DJ’s Septic has been offering portable toilet rentals for many years now. We were known for the cleanliness and good presentation of the units we rented. Today, our daughter Michelle owns and manages “Pottie Patrol.” Michelle continues to provide the same high level of service in portable toilet rentals that DJ’s Septic has been known for throughout the Lake Winnipesaukee region.

Whether you are looking to rent portable toilets for an upcoming weekend event – or construction project that lasts for months – we can offer you competitive pricing and a good value. We supply toilet paper, toilet seat covers (by request), paper towels and hand soap for the hand wash station.

Our most popular unit for events is the “Elite.” We also rent ADA-approved handicap accessible portable toilets, and portable hand-washing stations as well.

We service events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Concerts
  • Fairs
  • RV Sites
  • Construction Sites

How many toilets shoulPottie Patrol Inc.d you rent? Our portable unit rental services are calibrated based on the number of individuals using them. We’ll work with you to estimate the exact number of  units you need.It’s tempting to think you might save money by ordering less toilets. Some portable toilet rental services may even try to rent you less toilets than you need in order to make the sale. The trade off might be toilets that quickly become too full, and unhappy patrons won’t want to use them.

Pottie Patrol will not surprise you with a fuel surcharge or “environmental fees” or other hidden fees. When our units arrive, they are clean, fresh smelling and fully stocked.

What goes in the porta-potty, stays in the porta-potty. To keep portable toilets functioning well, we do not allow disposal of feminine products, diapers or other non-biodegradable items. Overfilling portable toilet units with solids can create sanitation problems. The secret to a great portable rental services is timely maintenance. Our porta-potties are serviced at a pre-determined schedule, depending upon your unique requirements. Please don’t ask for extra toilet paper! We refill the toilet paper supply when the unit is serviced.

Do you need a seasonal toilet rental, or porta-potty rental services for a construction site? We can save you money with extended rental discounts!

Call us today and we’ll set you up with the portable toilet rentals you need.