New Hampshire Lakes Region Septic Company

Serving Wolfeboro, Alton, Ossipee, Tuftonboro, Moultonboro and surrounding areas.

As a septic pumping service in the New Hampshire Lakes region for over 30 years, most of our customers know us simply as "Dave and Mary." That's because we go out of our way to get to know our customers better.

As the years go by, we see our customers' children grow up, and we eventually take care of their septic systems as well!

That's the way it is up here. New Hampshire folks are all about community and looking out for each other. But there's another reason why we get to know our customers better - that is, so we can provide them with the best service possible.

There are many variables that affect a pumping schedule. You may have a full house, growing kids, and a garbage disposal. This means you're doing a lot of laundry, have more solids in your tank, and need more frequent pumping for this period in your life.

Our goal is to know our customers and their septic system needs. When you make an appointment, we will call ahead before we show up to pump your tank. If we happen to find a problem during a routine pumping job, we don't just close the lid and walk away. Our service techs will call to explain the problem and schedule a time to fix the issue. Septic repairs are better done sooner rather than later!

Our commercial clients also have different septic maintenance needs. The septic systems for commercial businesses in the Lakes Region operate at peak capacity seasonally. They require a customized schedule for maintaining their septic systems.

A well-designed maintenance schedule keeps our local business clients' septic systems running smoothly without downtime. With three trucks on the road, and a full-time dispatcher, we are very flexible to respond to septic emergencies like sewer pipe blockages or sewage pump failures.

We know this. We are glad that they too have the peace of mind knowing that Dave and Mary - and the entire DJ's Septic Pumping Services team - is only a phone
call away.